[DNS] Purpose of this list

[DNS] Purpose of this list

From: Aristedes Maniatis <ari§ish.com.au>
Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2001 12:14:41 +1000
That's enough!

I am on a number of lists where the listmom is strict about off topic posts.
One warning and users are banned. The lists work well and we all don't get
swamped by pointless messages.

I only contribute on occasion, so I am completely dispensable to this list,
but either Harry goes or I will unsubscribe and find other places to direct
my energy. I am sure others feel the same.


I had earlier this year floated a proposal for a firm.au domain space
matching ASIC and Department of Fair Trading business name registrations to
a one to one domain mapping. From my posting to this list I received exactly
one piece of feedback (from a AuDA committee member). No discussion of the
merits or problems of the idea.

On one hand the idea was written up in The Australian's IT section as a
novel way forward. On the other, this list is filled with vitriolic and
pointless email. There appears little interest in examining and discussing
real ideas. Isn't this list where we should be discussing new ways of
approaching the old problems?

Chris: please post to the list a timeline of planned activity of AuDA. How
finalised are plans of opening .com.au to competition? I don't know what is
decided on and what is still up in the air. Do we have dates?

Listmom: please enforce on-topic posts for all our sakes. Please be rigorous
about it.

Ari Maniatis

on 27/9/01 11:48 AM, Harry Hoholis at webmaster&#167;webaccess.com.au wrote:

> this list is about the .au namespace.
> the .au namespace is in the hands of the same person that owns .au.com
> Harry

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