Re: [DNS] NZ suspends Melbourne Internet name vendor

Re: [DNS] NZ suspends Melbourne Internet name vendor

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Date: Sat, 08 Sep 2001 16:56:49 +1200
On Fri, 07 Sep 2001 01:08:08 +1000, Aristedes Maniatis
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>It seems the New Zealanders have no qualms about acting to maintain the
>perception of integrity in the domain name system. Shame we can't say the
>I am interested to know how the New Zealand system is set up. Presumably
>Domainz is the body with .nz delegation? Are they public/government or
>industry run? What has been the experience there?

The delegation is to The Internet Society of New Zealand known as
InternetNZ.  We were given the delegation in 1995 by John Houlker of
Waikato University who was the initial manager for .nz.  InternetNZ
was to some degree set up specifically to receive the delegation from
John but we are active in other areas such as lobbying Government on
stupid legislation etc.

DOMAINZ is a company fully owned by InternetNZ and on our behalf
operates as the registry and sole registrar for all 2nd level domains
in .nz.  We have ten of them with six of them being unmoderated and
fully open.

There has been considerable controversy in the past about the
management of DOMAINZ and the role it plays and profits it has made
and in June 2000 there were significant changes mandated by the AGM of
InternetNZ.  The main one being that a shared registration system is
to be set up with multiple registrars allowed access to it.  DOMAINZ
will not be the new registry but will continue on as a competitive

I can provide some URLs if anyone is interested.

David Farrar, Secretary, InternetNZ
secretary&#167; or david§

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