Re: [DNS] WIPO2 Report Published: Personal Names

Re: [DNS] WIPO2 Report Published: Personal Names

From: Kim Davies <kim§>
Date: Wed, 5 Sep 2001 10:16:21 +0800
Quoting RIKKI LAMBERT on Wednesday September 05, 2001:
| Having read the executive summary of the WIPO Domain Name Process II report, I cannot help but think that there is unnecessary effort in creating a regime for protecting personal names.
| The report says that "for personal names .... it was found that there are no existing international norms dealing with their protection and that national legal systems provide for a wide diversity of legal approaches to their protection ... it is suggested that the international community needs to decide whether it wishes to work towards some means of protection of personal names against abuse of domain name registrations".
| I suggest that those who feel they have a name worth protecting are often celebrities (for one reason or another) and they or their promoters can afford to trade mark their name and thus be protected via the existing UDRP.  

Protecting personal names is important, but in the converse sense. I
should be able to register domains with my name and not have it taken
away by someone with a level of notoriety of the same name.


My interest? Someone with the same name as a not-so-famous-anymore
celebrity. :-)

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