Re: [DNS] Update re Domain Name Authority of Australia

Re: [DNS] Update re Domain Name Authority of Australia

From: Matthew King <mking§>
Date: Tue, 31 Oct 2000 18:04:26 +1100
>I know that it's actually the Minister who sets what names are
>"undesirable" (s.9)  - in this case, Marsha Thompson MLC.
>Any lobbyists amongst us? A petition to the Minister???

1/ I for one am an avid free market supporter and would have to say 
good on them for being creative. (see point 3)

2/ When the market is opened up expect a huge wave of such 
promotions. Crass commercialism perhaps but this country (read IT 
industry) needs it. With the likes of Telstra and INA what else would 
you expect. The sector seems moribund and needs all the shake up it 
can get.

3/ While INA has a monopoly it is just a case of minows preying upon 
each other.  A petition to the Minister? Are you kidding? Why not use 
the energy that would entail to go get some new customers or look 
after your current ones better.....

Matt King
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