Re: [DNS] One Domain Name Per Commercial Entity

Re: [DNS] One Domain Name Per Commercial Entity

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Wed, 18 Oct 2000 14:27:30 +1000
Bill Lada wrote:

> In Victoria, I
> think a business name has to be used in trade within three months of
> registration, but I doubt this is monitored at all ...

Not in NSW as far as I know and I used to work for that very Department.  In
any case, look at the practicalities of mounting a prosecution.  Government
agencies will always send you a compliance letter first before prosecuting.
So you can rectify.

And can you really see a magistrate buying the argument when you start talking
"reasonable" use?  Even if they did, I can't see any power under the Business
Names Act for a magistrate to take away the domain name.  So it's a mere cost
of business.

Taking away the domain name is a derivative (?) action as you'd need to lose
the business name first then be told that your domain name was invalid.

So the day before the magistrate's hearing (adjourned as long as possible) you
could transfer the business name to another person or do a "terminate and
re-apply" of the domain name or some other stratagem that your lawyers advise.

And if you're really worried just register a corporation instead of a business

Nothing that I'm worried about, really.  So it's a bit of fun.

If the thing needs to be monitored, it must be done by the registration body
and not delegated to some third-party government agency with different

Patrick Corliss
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