Re: [DNS] Selling names [was: Re:]

Re: [DNS] Selling names [was: Re:]

From: Patrick Corliss <patrick§>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 19:29:02 +1000
Hi Justin

> I assume the manual "terminate and re-apply" process does work in
> but I've yet to find many takers once they read the "no promises"

Sure it works.  I did one recently with for a domain
name.  I was an old name with perpetual life.  By doing the Terminate and
Re-Apply (let's call it TAR) I lost the eternal life and, as the domain name
owner, now have to pay renewal fees every two years like everybody else.

But I got the domain name !!

As far as "no promises" it depends on how you trust the staff.  I lodged the
new application first then bought the name off of the current owner.  I then
got him fax in the termination form.  That slightly covered me by putting me
first in the queue.

I have had a problem with INWW and lost a domain name as a result.  I
understand that this caused them to amend their procedures in relation to
"Expressions of Interest".

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