RE: [DNS] Selling names [was: Re:]

RE: [DNS] Selling names [was: Re:]

From: Michael Wolnizer <MWolnizer§>
Date: Mon, 2 Oct 2000 18:24:30 +1000
Yes. The policy works farily well in this respect however , I have
experienced significant delays in some cases ( 1-2 months ) before the
domain name is removed.

Michael Wolnizer
Davies Collison Cave

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While we're discussing business names, has anyone been successful in having
domain name deregistered because the corresponding business name (which was
basis for registration) no longer exists?  I know what the policy and
terms say, but practically has anyone actually managed to get INA to act?


My experience is that you cannot register a domain name in (or without supplying the registration number of the relevant company
or business name.  I have always understood that this is because INA (I
don't know about runs an automatic check of the number, not
the name, against the ASIC databases to confirm a "valid" registration.

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