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>Subject: [DNS] FW: Important Domain Name Renewal Information
>Date: Thu, 28 Sep 2000 17:26:04 +1100
>MelbIT's response to the Internet Name Protection "scam" ... ?
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>Subject: Important Domain Name Renewal Information
>Dear Domain Name Registrant
>This is a courtesy email to remind you that the licence of your domain name
>[snip-snip] will be expiring in approximately 6 months time on the
>One month prior to the expiry of your domain name, Melbourne IT will issue
>you with a renewal notice via land mail. The current cost of renewal
>directly with Melbourne IT is $137.50.
>To ensure your contact information in the AU Network Information Centre
>registry (AUNIC) is correct, please visit
> For your information, AUNIC is the
>database used to publicly record an association between a person (or
>incorporated body or similar corporate body) and a particular domain name.
>It houses all of the domain names registered in Australia and is freely
>available to registrants like yourself to view to ensure your registration
>details are correct.
>Upon checking the details at the above site, should they not be correct,
>please email renewals&#167; and our customer service staff will
>instruct you on how to update your details.
>As you may be aware, Melbourne IT has appointed a number of Resellers who
>are authorised to facilitate domain name renewals.  You may be contacted by
>one or more of them in this regard.  Please feel free to conduct business
>with them or contact us directly.
>If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us at
>renewals&#167; or freephone 1800 354 595.
>Kind regards
>Accounts Department
>Internet Names Worldwide
>A Division of Melbourne IT
>Email: renewals&#167;
>Phone:	1800 354 595
>Fax:     03 9620 2247
>This e-mail and any files transmitted with it are privileged and 
>confidential information intended for the use of the addressee. The 
>confidentiality and/or privilege in this e-mail is not waived, lost or 
>destroyed if it has been transmitted to you in error. If you received this 
>e-mail in error you must (a) not disseminate, copy or take any action in 
>reliance on it; (b) please notify  Australia Post immediately by return 
>e-mail to the sender; (c) please delete the original e-mail.
>This article is not to be reproduced or quoted beyond this forum without
>express permission of the author.  You don't know who really wrote it.
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