Re: [DNS] Membership classes in the discussion paper

Re: [DNS] Membership classes in the discussion paper

From: Ron Ipsen <ron§>
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 17:47:21 +1000
re: Larry,

We have no "conflict of interest", real or apparent Larry. Just a genuine
concern for the future of the .au name space and its people.

re: George,

>Is this thread going somewhere?
>Seems to me like its a bunch of ambit claims in the wind.

Yep seems to be turning out that way, what the hell. I'm sure I can live
without doing battle within another self appointed - self interest group anyway.


 I spose I should point out the obvious though, that the profit driven
pseudo's, and the NSI "first in - free for all" is gobbling  up and
devaluing the worth of our name space very quickly. It is rapidly becoming
no more than a historical curio.

 Our time is running out and most of you are still facing the wrong way.

 Many are looking at the profits made by and saying "in there is the
future". Thats not the case. While you dabate the technical and moral
aspects of the division of the future it is disapearing down the

 Open your eyes, domain names come with 6 steak knives and 20 free hours
nowdays, they are rapidly becoming worthless as the public become more and
more unable to intuitively select a site.

It may be that there are now some organisations that have a large stake in
seeing this forum not working, just a random thought...

That leaves us all at the mercy of the USTPO, damn shame that. I had thought
we had the wherewithal within this country to make our own decisions,
obviously I was wrong.


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