Re: [DNS] .au domain self-reg

Re: [DNS] .au domain self-reg

From: George Michaelson <ggm§>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 09:31:26 +1000
  >o I think you need to mention if briefly that IANA/ICANN have some level
  >  of oversight in the transition from KRE to a body.
  How exactly would any oversight operate George? Certainly the IANA view
  was consistent is indicating that what happens within the country
  domains was a matter for the country concerned. How would you see this chan

I'd like to see a 1-2 paragraph or a cite to the BCP/RFC on how you transit
the delegation as in what kind of authority they want to see to vary the NS
for a domain. This is the context where stops being the
authority for .AU and the other onshore secondary.

Even if its a no-brainer, having something which said "IANA expect to see
the current delegated party explicity hand over control as part of the 
transition and will make a change in NS delegation accordingly" Its a little
bit more than "fix it yourself" since somebody has to edit a file or two,
and the idea they do it on a whim or a phonecall doesn't really fill me with

If there is nothing to CITE, then maybe we just have to make it up for


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