Re: [DNS] .au domain self-reg

Re: [DNS] .au domain self-reg

From: George Michaelson <ggm§>
Date: Wed, 28 Oct 1998 06:19:40 +1000
I think this is  useful and succinct contribution to the process. 

Well done Erica!

A few issues which spring to mind, quite possibly partisan.

o Lumping ISOC-AU/ACA/TRADEGATE/IIA together as 'industry bodies' looks
  rather odd. The differences between the organizations might be overstated
  but there are differences of view, approach and intent. If I can make
  an analogy, if poacher-turned-gamekeeper is a problem in this area, then
  putting the pheasant-workers union alongside the butchers trade association,
  the gunmakers society and the animal rights campaigners would be considered
  distinctly unusual. If the collected nexus only get to vote for a share
  of seats, you're implying that they can agree who can represent their 
  interests, and risking that one sector looses out significantly in

o If we take your strawman figure of $5 per domain as a levy as a case in
  point, I think you should *also* show how not applying this in and changes the revenue outcomes. Having said that, I
  think that if "free" domainspaces have to encompass a fee for maintenance
  of a central registry, and if that is the ONLY levy they pay, then the
  central concept of "freedom" has only been eroded, not destroyed. Of course
  I am personally committed to these domains remaining free-to-air but at
  the moment is subject to the whim of the delegate/registry and not innate.

o I think stressing public interest was a very very good thing. well done!

o You don't directly mention new 2LD. I think this is a very very good thing
  and I suggest people stick to completely decoupling the question of a need
  for new domains from global domain management.

o You don't mention any participation by government longterm which I think is
  a bad thing. Self-Regulation does not mean the absolving of a real
  governance process of all responsibility. Without participation of at least
  some arm of federal government, its going to be hard to see DNS policy
  sigue cleanly into an emerging Federal Government national I/T policy 
  framework. Then there is the question of fed and state legislative need
  (if any) which has been posited in connection with title claim, Intellectual
  Property rights, and legal indemnity for people operating under the
  self regulatory framework. I don't ask for a government seat on the board,
  but an indication of what arm of federal government will liaise ongoing,
  and an analogous indication that state-level people are aware there will
  be a national body in this area, and respect its role would help.

o I think you need to mention if briefly that IANA/ICANN have some level
  of oversight in the transition from KRE to a body.

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