[DNS] re: [DNS] ding ding ding ding

[DNS] re: [DNS] ding ding ding ding

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Date: Fri Oct 23 15:19:55 1998
The .au domain summit is scheduled to be held in Melbourne Friday 6 
November and invitation have been issued.  The aim of the summit is to 
promote consensus on organisational and structural issues relating to the 
development of an effective industry self-regulatory regime to develop and 
administer the .au domain space.  

We have tried to ensure that the invitation list is broadly representative 
of the different interest groups. However, to enable those who have not 
received an invitation to contribute to the process, opportunity for 
comment will be provided through the NOIE home page. 

A paper bringing into focus the key issues to be addressed will be 
published on the NOIE home page today and comments are invited.

Please note that neither the summit, nor the discussion paper, is designed 
to promote discussion of substantive issues that are properly to be decided 
by the new industry self-regulatory regime.  Interesting tho these issues 
are, on this occasion, I'd be grateful if comment could be focussed on 
issues related to establishing an effective industry self-regulatory regime 
- which is capable of effectively addressing the substantive issues of 
concern to the industry.


Dr Erica Roberts
National Office for the Information Economy
voice:	02 62838212
fax:		02 62838222
email:	eroberts&#167;dca.gov.au
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From: C=US/A=INTERNET/DDA=ID/dns(a)waia.asn.au, on 15/10/98 10:06 PM:
the election is over and caretaker mode is off so
its on with business. anyone at NOIE care to
set a date for the dns summit we have been waiting for the
last 6 months? shall we just set a date?

INA are now rocking into renewal mode which means that our poor
customers are about to be relocked into what IMHO are unjust and unfair
2 year contracts. to have the gall to ask the same amount of $ for a 
is really out there. something needs to happen with some urgency.

we need an urgent allocation of new .com.au "authorities" who can
bring some releif into the .au dns debacle.

is Mr Elz ready to stand down or what?

Vic Cinc
Chairman CIA
Director IIA
Director Ausbone

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