[DNS] au.com / com.au

[DNS] au.com / com.au

From: Kim Davies <kim§gospel.iinet.net.au>
Date: Thu, 15 Oct 1998 16:21:15 +0800
>From B&T Weekly:

> INTERNET Names Australia (INA) has issued a warning about rival 
> Internet space provider and owners of the au.com space, Net 
> Registry, claiming the company is “confusing the marketplace” 
> with misleading information.  
> INA is a division of Melbourne IT and is the registrar of the 
> com.au domain, the official space for Australian Net names. Clive 
> Flory, general manager of INA, said the number of queries from 
> consumers confused about the au.com space had risen dramatically 
> in recent months following advertising by NetRegistry.
> “INA has received numerous calls from consumers who are genuinely 
> baffled by what name they should register their business under,” 
> Flory said. 

Does anyone have any information about this warning? INA's website
doesn't appear to have anything..

It seems to me the most misleading thing referred to in this article 
is the fact it says com.au is "the official space for Australian Net 
names." Really?

>From what I can gather, it just sounds like sour grapes - but I'd
be interested to see if there is more to it...

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