Re: DNS: New DNS List

Re: DNS: New DNS List

From: Michael O'Reilly <michael§>
Date: 23 Jun 1998 09:08:39 +0800
Jeff Williams <jwkckid1&#167;> writes:
> Michael Malone wrote:
> > o No Adam Todd
>   Why is any one person being excluded?  Isn't this a form of censorship?

No, of course not. Is adam todd denied a forum? No, this list still

All that is being done is to provide an alternative. Instead of one
soap box anyone can stand on, there's now two. One for anyone, and one 
that only people whos name isn't adam todd.

People can vote with their feet. They can listen to one, both or
neither. Of course, I know which one I'll be listening to.

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