RE: DNS: .AU's Future

RE: DNS: .AU's Future

From: Jim Fleming <JimFleming§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 18:01:01 -0500
On Tuesday, June 23, 1998 2:41 AM, vicc&#167; wrote:
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&#167;> @The .AU domain contains about 1 host and 11 domains.
&#167;> Will Robert Elz be able to handle several million registrations ?
&#167;> If that is not the plan, then there is no sense anyone wasting
&#167;> any more time on this particular TLD. It will quickly become
&#167;> irrelevant with only 11 domains under it. That is what free market
&#167;> forces do to undeveloped infrastructure.
&#167;can you explain what you are talking about here? are you involved with IANA?
&#167;is this new rush on tlds something IANA is planning?

When the InterNIC contract ends in a few months, many people and
companies are preparing for the introduction of what some describe
as competition in the TLD name space. I prefer to refer to it as diversity.
It is hard to imagine that all TLDs will be considered to be competitors
of all others. For example, I do not see .AU in competition with the .US
TLD. FOSTERS.AU might be a different company from FOSTERS.US
and FOSTERS.BEER might be the name that the beer company prefers
to use.

&#167;not everyone here beleives that .au is a good place to hang names off,
&#167;its overregulated, there is a single primary monopoly created by Robert Elz
&#167;for his mates at melbourne university. foreign compnaies are not
&#167;even welcome into the .au structure. the entire situation is a fiasco that
&#167;needs rectifying.

It now appears to be easier to route around these "fiascos" than to try
to change them. In my opinion, that will be what soon starts happening.
As people find other paths to enjoy the net and to celebrate diversity
and creativity, the people that have restricted expansion will be left on
the side-lines.

Jim Fleming
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