Re: DNS: People Involved with .AU

Re: DNS: People Involved with .AU

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 21:54:23 +1000
>		5 _______________________
>	3 _______________________
>		6 _______________________
>1 Robert Elz
>2 Luke Carruthers (Chair) Intia (IIA)     Luke&#167;
>		7 _______________________
>	4 _______________________
>		8 _______________________

I don't feel Luke, who ownes a very large stake of a very large ISP is a
good person to sit in this picture.  Conflict of Interest, is a phrase that
comes to mind.

>Leni Mayo
>Vin Cinc 
>Luke Carruthers (Chair) Intia (IIA)     Luke&#167;
>Peter Gerrand (Secretary) Melbourne IT  ceo&#167;
>Mark Hughes (Treasurer) ECA-Tradegate   mhughes&#167;
>Kevin Dinn              AIA (IIA)       Kevin&#167;
>Simon Hackett           SAIA            simon&#167;
>Erica Roberts           NOIE            eroberts&#167;
>Kate Lance              ISOC-AU         clance&#167;
>Ron Cameron             ACCC            ron.cameron&#167;
>Trevor Hales            Minutes Secretary

I'm still trying to work out who *I* and any other member of the public can
attend and voice opinions in the ADNA "public and open process."

It certainly lacks credability in that I was invited then uninvited, then
invited again.

Maybe eventually they will get their weedy minds together and realise that
public interest is where their interest lay.

In the mean time, I'll be extremely VOCAL about ADNA and it's membership,
both in lists and shortly in the media.

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