Re: DNS: AURSC - Announces Deployment of IPv8

Re: DNS: AURSC - Announces Deployment of IPv8

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 01:13:06 +1000
>Now, IPv8 & IRSC are represented in North america, Australia and Europe.
>We won't be surprised to see new members in other locations very soon.

I should add here.  IN the last 48 hours I've had 11 requests from the USA,
Canada, UK, Philipines, Japan and who knows where the rest came from,
asking to join IRSC and what is involved in setting up a Root Server.

Seems the expansion and deployment I was going to raise from AURSC members
has now turned into a massive global support network.

I think things are drastically going to change.

Such a shame CCA, in partiular, haven't actually asked to join.  I'd
welcome them with open arms.  It could save them considerable cost and
benefit their users greatly. 

>- We are promoting the IRSC to European NICs and ISPs.
>=> IRSC is known (if not "officially recognized") by these
>organizations, and by others such as the CORE, the RIPE, NSI,
>IANA/nIANA, the USG...

And will appear on the GIAW web site very soon :)

>- According to AURSC, 20 million internet users can already access to
>our alternate DNS.

Conservative figures based on the feedback of a number of the ISPs involved
- in partiular some corporate networks in the USA.

>- IRSC doesn't destroy anything : we just add new TLDs to legacy gTLDs,
>ccTLDs and other alternate gTLDs.

And we all share the data!

Hey IRSC might also be the worlds first Shared Registry!

>To access all that new Internet wealth, DNS servers configuration is
>EASY AND NON-DISRUPTIVE. So why don't you all test it, as users or
>providers, before judging it ???

Why not?  Because some (if not most) of those objecting had a hard enough
time getting their DNS servers to work in the first place :)

>As some people from this list pointed it, we could have "created" TLDs
>on a whim, for jokes, or anything else : but we didn't.

Talking of jokes, I wonder why POKEY keeps being used as an example, yet
SHEESH never rates a mention?  Is it because SHESSH is now published in
40,000 issues of the Domain Name Handbook?

>All TLDs are administered/created/replaced under consensus with
>"neighbor nets" partners. Uncentral administration, as the Internet as a
>whole should be managed, on a bottom-up basis...

The Internet is UNCENTRAL.  If everyone didn't cooperate there woudl be no
internet :)
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