RE: DNS: AURSC - Announces Deployment of IPv8

RE: DNS: AURSC - Announces Deployment of IPv8

From: Simon Hackett <simon§>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 06:41:16 +0900
Jim Fleming said (about me, in part):
>In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with dealing with both worlds on
>a regular basis. One simply has to understand which group they are dealing
>with. Based on your comments, I sense that you are part of the implosive
>telco-like core. That is fine, but I hope that you understand that it is not
>for everyone. That is trailing-edge. Some prefer to work at the leading edge.

My comments were merely to observe that I could find no information about
"IPv8" on the web site related to the organisation who originated and are
most frequently associated with the use of a label such as "IPvn" for some
value of n, the IETF. IP version numbers are assigned by IANA. Did you get
"8" assigned to you by IANA, Jim? 

In Australia, deliberately framing something so that it looks like it is
related to the works of others, when it is not, is illegal under our trade
practices legislation, it is known as "passing off".

How, from my email, in which I asked you (and I quote) "What *are* you on
about", can you possibly imply anything about me, my understandings, my
biases, or my beliefs? Do you really mean to imply that any statement which
you might be able to imply as being critical of your point of view must
have been originated by someone you believe to be a non-innovative person? 

How dare you ! You know nothing about me, Jim - while all I know about you
can be encapsulated in the closing paragraph of this email message. 

Please give me a reference to whatever it is you say you have created, so I
can evaluate the source material at face value. I wanted to give you an
opportunity to explain  more about whatever it is that you are labelling as
"IPv8",  by disclosing where it is documented. But taking my question and
turning it into a personal attack makes you look even sillier than you
already look, Jim.

(we now return you to the Adam and Jim show, making a mailing list near you
useless by filling it with self-serving, childish drivel. I used to think
that spam was bad until you two started to devote all of
your waking hours to personally destroying mailing lists' efficacy with
this paranoid claptrap, attacking people instead of actually discussing the
technology relevant to the list at hand. The only reason I reacted to the
"IPv8" posting is that the misuse of the term "IPv8" elevates this stuff
from an annoyance to a potentially damaging misuse of public perceptions.


   Simon Hackett

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