Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 19 Jun 1998 15:10:41 +1000
>> On the other hand Connect.Com.Au who claim to offer full internet access
>> actually BLOCK the path for those who are using CCA's network from actually
>> getting Web Traffic from AUS sites.   Fortunatley those who have complained
>> have found alternative connections so they may continue to use AUS in the
>> manner to which they desire.  Too bad for CCA, good for Telstra.
>This statement is incorrect.  This and further statements misrepresenting
>CCA's service will be referred to our lawyers.

So your saying a user on CCA's network can in fact resolve and view a .AUS
web site?   

They won't get an error from the CCA Proxy Servers?

I hope so.  Threatening me with court and legal action is boring.  I live
in court, although you'd not know that.  

Perhaps the matter should be, I'll refer your statements to my QC.
COnsidering your statementsd in the past regarding the AURSC servers DYING
and not being able to handle the CCA Root Request loading.

Bring in the Lawyers!  I prefer to defend a case rather than prosecute.
Lets get cracking!

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