Re: DNS: defining "official" domains

Re: DNS: defining "official" domains

From: Simon Hackett <simon§>
Date: Sat, 20 Jun 1998 02:56:41 +0900
At 15:03 19/06/98 +1000, Adam Todd wrote:

>3.  What RSC is run by a single individual?  None to my knowledge?

Who else, specifically, runs your RSC along with you, Adam? Names, email
addresses, bio's please. 

>4.  RSC's do not add TLDs on a whim without consultation with their members.

Who did you consult with before creating .POKEY in your private universe?
Who specifically? Or was it just you, on a whim, without consultation?
Looking at your web site, you're actually proud of having created .POKEY!
Good grief!

>Firstly your claim of 99% is really way off mark.  You've ot no evidence to
>suggest such, but I have evidence to suggest a higher percentage actually
>do use Alternatives.

Show us your conclusive evidence then. Put up or shut up. 

>Now the IRSC is recognised also, it simply adds more weight.

Recognised by precisely whom? Where is that recognition documented
publically?  What exactly do you mean by the word "recognition"?

>Your no longer providing full internet access.  You are in fact censoring
>the access the user has to suite your own political motivations.
>Shame really.

No, we are just being rational. I don't overlay other non-official root
servers into my customers' namespace either because they appreciate
predictable outcomes from their DNS queries.

What makes yours so special? You aren't unique, you aren't even original. 

>All servers visible on the public internet are for use by the public.  And
>Significant numbers are using alternatives, you just don't want to believe

No, I want you to prove your point with hard evidence, or stop making the

>And a noun is spelt with a capital letter.

You, of all people, are criticising the writing style of others? You, the
one that is ledgendary for mis-spellings and for refusing to care about
them? This pot sure is calling the kettle black, now isn't it, Adam? 

>I'll gladly step down if you can prove, by USE that AURSC segments or
>fragments or distrupts any legacy data.  You show me IN EVIDENCE that AURSC
>causes a problem.

You didn't understand what I said, did you. Try again. 

>Simon, I use to have a lot of respect for you, but now I see you're like
>many of the twonks who just wish to badger and mislead.

That's fine - now our opinions about each other are identical. I'd already
formed that opinion about you. 

>A single individual?  I don't know of any Root Server Confederation that is
>a single individual.  Are you - yet again - trying to mislead people?

Who, precisely, runs AURSC along with you? Noone else ever posts to this
list claiming that they do. Who specifically, Adam? Or are they a secret?

What is the management structure of the resulting set of people?

How did that management structure approve ".POKEY"?

>I haven't come across a single individual in that position yet.  Certainly
>no TLD's have been created as a joke or on a whim.

Not even .POKEY?

>Yes it is.  Aren't you just glad AURSC has more than 4 people responsible
>for it.

And the other three are? 

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