Re: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

Re: DNS: defining "AURSC" domains

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Mon, 22 Jun 1998 11:42:06 +1000
>>Lincoln?  BWHWHWHW!  If he understood DNS maybe he might make a good runner.
>nope, i wouldn't classify myself with anything to do with .AU
>dns either -- i don't have any delusions of grandeur.
>the only interest i have is in helping to keep the internet
>from fragmentation.
>i'm yet to see that you're amounting to anything other than this --

Well proves that point.  

Lincoln, how can you prove that it creates Fragmentation when you don't try

I suppose you follow the theory that if the product is in a can, it must be
coke.  Therefore all cans contain coke.

Gosh we can see your Univeristy degree was well worth it.

>i'm talking about FACTS.  both myself and kim engaged in

Yes, you claim fragmentation but have NO FACTS to prove it and have NO

Well done Lincoln.  Now go back to the hole in which you crawled out.  Your
really getting boring.

>a way of looking at just how many australian ISPs were using
>AURSC to resolve names - directly, by use of you as a forwarder,

NONE.  NO ISP's use AURSC servers as FORWARDERS.  



>or indirectly by including your root as their zone hints file.

Far more than you realise. Far more.

>the results spoke for themselves.  now, you persist in keeping

What results?  Kims very inaccurate list?  You have to be kidding.  If your
basing Kims results as facts - egad.  You are more of a Wanker than you

>the line "Lincoln, what is your evidence of this uptake claim."
>i could've sworn it spoke for itself.

Well, I'm still waiting to see YOUR EVIDENCE.  

Please post it.

>.. or, if the methodology kim or myself used was incorrect,
>please enlighten us.

Very incorrect and I did enlighten Kim on how to do it better.  Yu really
are a bigger fool than you make out - aren't you.

>either way, it is becoming academic.  you can notch up one

It's not academic, it's pathetic.  You are pathetic.  You are wasting
everyones time whining and complaining about something you have no
understanding of, have not trialed or tested in any fashion and wish to
speak to the world about how good you are.


>more win -- i'm disppearing out of this group (at least,
>marking you with the maildelivery file as auto-delete) --

Thank goodness.  Maybe the noise level will reduce and people like Clive
and Chris and myself can hold an intelligent - no name calling, sensible
rationa discussion.

You never know, we might all end up agreeing with each other.

>its quite a list of people that you've caused to do the
>same - Geoff, Kate, Simon, ...

Oh, such a big list of people Lincoln.  Certainly hasn't stopped the ISPs
using AURSC.

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