Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

Re: DNS: perhaps suspect trading practise

From: Larry Bloch <larry§>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 17:26:58 +1000
At 12:22 18/06/98 +1000, you wrote:
>Stephen Baxter wrote:
>To conclude:
>Domains in WILL be redelegated to
>any host required and remain the legal
>property of the domain holder.
>At the risk of repeating the bleedin' obvious:
>(*), and could lapse anytime
>    due to nonpayment; all their 3LD's lose in that case

Get a grip, man. You are talking about non-payment of US$35 on a service
that is currently worth about $100K per annum. Does anyone really believe
we are so incompetant that we can't even manage to pay US$35 to Internic
which is in fact part of our core business?

>(*) and administrator of, and can
>    easily withdraw a 3LD, or refuse one based on personal
>    or political grounds and the applicant has no recourse;
>    this is NOT the case with *.au domains

As administrator of, why would we do this other than if they
contravened our Terms and Conditions (eg: trademark infringement)
>(*) *.au domains will go on forever ... they are THE sanctified
>    TLD's in Australia

Not sure they are sanctified - you may have to get clarification from the
church for that statement.

And actually I would refute that last statement in its intent. Australian
businesses are missing out on a global bonanza by not adopting the global
standard of .com for companies trading internationally. 

Having spent 4 years in the European domain registration industry I can
assure you that almost half of all European registrations are in .com,
unlike Australia which is probably closer to 20%.  Internationally,
consumers do not on the whole buy from websites with country code endings
(unless it is their country).

Ask yourself this question: how many times have YOU bought from a website
that has a country code other than .au?

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