Re:DNS: What should the policy be for the number of TLDs ?

Re:DNS: What should the policy be for the number of TLDs ?

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Thu, 18 Jun 1998 13:09:34 +1000
>>Are these TLDs for all of Australia ? or just you and Ellen ?
>This is great. I get this email but I'm blocked from the URL.
>WHAT tld's for all of Australia?  How about we Australian's get to talk
>about it?  If it's not in *.au (as I suspect) it's in somebody else's

Tony, you weren't interested last week.  

I offered to provide you with information and asnwer your question and you
just bagged me and told me I was a waste of space.  As have many others,
fortuanlye not as many as have taken interest.

If your interested STAR DAMN WELL LISTENING.  The WORLD IS GOING ON without
you and the ADNA proposal.

If you care, talk to me.    I'm responsible for it and I'll continue to
develop it.  If you want to be a part of it - simple - JOIN AURSC.  

If you want Domain Name Competition - Apply to AHNET for reseller status
and get involved. 

I'm SO DAMN SICK OF PEOPLE JUMPING UP AND DOWN after two years of telling
them it's all happening.

If you want involvement, then GET INVOLVED.  For or Against I don't care.
Opposition makes the positive stronger or changes direction as required.


How many times do you have to offer people information.

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