DNS: Follow the money...

DNS: Follow the money...

From: Jim Fleming <JimFleming§unety.net>
Date: Sun, 7 Jun 1998 00:35:03 -0500

The White Paper is out, as predicted, the U.S. Government *punted*
the ball. They should have never picked up the ball if they did not intend
to do anything useful with it. About all they have done is delayed the market
place for a year, allowed the NSF to slip out the back door (while the
Director of the NSF moves to the White House), and wasted everyone's
time and money, including U.S. taxpayers that paid to fly these people
around the world.

One does not have to be a rocket scientist to see that you will have
no ability to influence the new IANA Inc. If you think you do, then I suggest
you follow the leads below and I wish you the best of luck. Just remember,
follow the money...it tells the whole story. Oh, and by the way...I suggest
that you add up how much each of the various people have been paid since
1995 to help shape Internet Governance and who they have been paid by...
that tells the whole story...look at the salaries of these "non-profit" prophets.

I will continue to lead VOLUNTEERS in the creation of 8 new Top Level Domains.
They will be named, G0, G1, G2, G3, G4, G5, G6, and G7. Second-level
names below each of those will be S0, S1, S2, ..., S254, S255. We will
continue to work with the various RSCs to get these 8 TLDs listed. Also
we will work with the Grass Roots people to get them listed. Hopefully,
the entire effort will be 100% volunteers. In other words, this will truely
be non-profit because it will be non-revenue and spear-headed by people
who do not earn their living doing this volunteer work, that only occurs on
the Internet, and not in smoke-filled rooms in Washington, D.C.


I wish everyone luck that wants to follow the money. It is a natural human
attraction and will provide you with a nice life at the expense of others. I
suggest that people refer all of those interested in huge profits and multi-level
marketing opportunities to the new private IANA Inc. The pyramid continues
to be built using U.S. taxpayers money. As someone once told me, if you
"play ball" with them, they will make you a millionaire. They are proud of the
millionaires they have created and will no doubt be now turning them out in
volume with the U.S. Government's blessing....all non-profit (non-tax) of course...

Jim Fleming

P.S. The NSF will be helping to start the entire mess all over again. If you
want to get in on the ground floor of their next MLM adventure, check out...


&#167;@@@@@ IANA Inc. leads to follow the money... @@@@@@@@@

> Date: Thu, 12 Feb 1998 16:30:09 -0500
> To: ip-sub-1&#167;majordomo.pobox.com
> From: Dave Farber <farber&#167;cis.upenn.edu>
> Subject: IP: itag announcement
> The Chair of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB), Brian Carpenter,
> and the Director of the Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (IANA),
> Jon Postel, jointly announce the formation of the "IANA Transition
> Advisors Group" (ITAG).
> The ITAG will serve as a set of senior advisors to the IANA during the
> transition to a new organization with formal status as a non-profit
> corporation with a board of directors.  This group will cease to exist
> when the board of directors of the new organization has its first
> meeting.  The members of the ITAG have declared themselves as not
> candidates for the initial IANA board.
> The ITAG will consist of 6 members.  The initial members(*) are:
>         Randy Bush      - Verio
>         Brian Carpenter - IBM UK
>         Dave Farber     - U Penn
>         Geoff Huston    - Telstra
>         John Klensin    - MCI
>         Steve Wolff     - Cisco
> * organization affiliation for identification purposes only.
> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

&#167;@@@@@ http://www.aspeninst.org/

&#167;@@@ http://www.aspeninst.org/dir/current/releases/pr2298.html

&#167;@@ http://www.aspeninst.org/dir/polpro/CSP/C&S1.html
Charles M. Firestone, Director
Amy Korzick Garmer, Assistant Director
Reed Hundt, Chair, Forum on Communications and Society
David Johnson, Director, Aspen Institute Internet Policy Project
Barbara Bimonte, Program Associate, IIS and Seminars
Gia Nolan, Program Manager
Elizabeth Golder, Program Coordinator
Patricia Kirsch, Program Coordinator

&#167;@@@ http://www.aspeninst.org/dir/polpro/CSP/Bios/RHbio.html
Reed E. Hundt
Chair, Forum on Communications and Society
Communications and Society Program
"Reed Hundt served as chairman of the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) from 1993-1997."

"Aspen Institute 
Internet Policy Project"

&#167;@@@ http://www.ntia.doc.gov/ntiahome/domainname/130dftmail/Johnson.htm

On April 28, 1998 at 9:30am, David R. Johnson, David W. Maher and
Roger Cochetti met with Ira Magaziner, Gregory Chang and Karen Rose and
presented the attached document, which was submitted by David Johnson and
on behalf of David J. Farber in their individual capacities. 


&#167;@@@ http://www.ilpf.org/confer/list.htm

February 27, 1998 
Aspen, Colorado, USA
Aspen Institute Conference on the Internet
A presentation entitled "Self Governance in Cyberspace: Domain Names Case Study"
will be given by Roger Cochetti, Program Director - Policy & Business Planning IBM
Internet Division 


Jim Fleming
Unir Corporation -
IS Coordinator for the AM Radio Station Registry - http://www.DOT.AM
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