DNS: US White Paper

DNS: US White Paper

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§creole.iinet.net.au>
Date: Sat, 06 Jun 1998 00:02:55 +0800
The US White paper is out and available on line at:


Some highlights:

o they've recognised that ISOC, the IAB, the regional registries and
  other organisations exist and that there was an IAHC.  However, the
  IAHC process is criticised for being dominated by Internet engineering
  types, without enough representation from business interests.

o A new corporation will be based in the US, with a board of directors
  from around the world.

o The trademark jurisdiction issue is pretty much handballed to WIPO.

o The creation of new gTLD's is deferred until the new board is created,
  and they will decide on which gTLD's will be created (a better option
  than the US gov't deciding now, without reference to the community).

o Likewise, the minimum criteria for registrars is deferred as a decision
  for the new corporation.

o The policy of allowing use of a domain for a period without payment
  to be removed as quickly as possible.

o Online database with up to date contact info to continue (whois style
  info), since it will allow the protection of trademark issues.

o The ramp down for NSI to continue, with the US gov't "expects NSI to 
  make available ... databases, software, documentation..., technical
  expertise, and other intellectual property".

o Examination of the .us domain to make it more attractive to commercial

o There is a continuing snubbing of ISOC, which is unfortunate.  It is
  mentioned only in the background info.

All round, a better result than expected.  Certainly, the issues put
forward by NOIE on behalf of the Australian government seem to have
been addressed, for the most part.  This looks better than the entity
proposed by the Green Paper.

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