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On Sunday, May 31, 1998 9:10 PM, Adam Todd[SMTP:at&#167;ah.net] wrote:
&#167;>The .CC domain is interesting. I tried to contact "Island Internet 
&#167;>Services" at their Cocos (Keeling) Island address. Telstra Directory
&#167;>assistance didn't have a listed number for them, nor could they
&#167;>locate "Telecom House". 
&#167;Is it worth your time to waste tracking down a domain name?  Wouldn't you
&#167;be better looking at ways of educating in a generic manner the public to
&#167;ensure they aren't ripped off?

In my opinion, it is best to get MORE people involved. In the U.S. Government's
IPv4 plan, Jon Postel (aka IANA) is the only one that knows what is going on.
That system does not scale. They are now trying to expand that system by
surrounding Jon Postel with a group called the ITAG. That approach still does
not scale because it does not puch the governance out to the regions where the
people are that really care about certain TLDs.

In the IPv8 Plan the goal is to identify and track the top 8 people involved with
a TLD. Those 8 people are arranged in a 2+2+4 hierarchy or trusteeship. The
top 2 people in that group are the delegates to the Round Table or discussions
for the TLD governance. As shown below for the .CC TLD, the 8 people can be
inserted into the governance structure between 6:155 .UNITED and 6:157 PCN.


6:155     UNITED
		5 ____________________
	3 ____________________
		6 ____________________
1 Anderson, Thomas  (TA1577)  tanderson&#167;NIC.CC
2 Cartmell, Brian  (BC936)  brc&#167;SPEAKEASY.ORG
		7 ___________________
	4 _____________________
		8 ____________________
6:157     PCN  (PITCAIRN)

In my opinion, the people in G6 should be focused on developing the database
of people that care about all of the TLDs in that region. The only way that is going
to happen is if people research the existing information and start to get people
interested in "self-governance". Once people have the information and are interested
in taking control of their own destiny, they will maintain the information and no
central authority or small committee of insiders is needed. The system will scale
and can be self-maintaining.

This will only happen if people spend more time researching the information and
helping people communicate. The .CC TLD situation is a good one to use for a
case study. As you will see below, the DNS and whois databases can be used to
gather a lot of information that can be used to try to determine who the top 8 people
are for the TLD. Based on the information below it looks like Thomas Anderson and
Brian Cartmell are two people with a vested interest. Those would be the people
that I would suggest provide the other 6 names of the people helping to make the
.CC TLD registry into a stable and reliable Internet resource and service.

Jim Fleming

P.S. The APNIC has reserved many of the names such as CCNIC.NET. Despite
people's claims about the APNIC, ARIN and RIPE not being involved with domain
names and only IP addresses, we can see this is not the case. Hopefully, that
will get sorted out with the U.S. Government's White Paper because the U.S.
Government officials were mislead by the claims that IP addresses and domain
names are not related. They are clearly related when Internet governance is
considered from a global view and a business point of view. This is like savings
and loans being related in the Banking Industry.



Cocos (Keeling) Islands top-level domain (CC24-DOM)
   Island Internet Services
   Telecom House  6799
   Domain Name: CC
   Administrative Contact:
      Anderson, Thomas  (TA1577)  tanderson&#167;NIC.CC
      +61 2 947 50013 (FAX) +61 2 947 50014
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Cartmell, Brian  (BC936)  brc&#167;SPEAKEASY.ORG

Cocos (Keeling) Islands Network Information Center (CCNIC-DOM)
   Reserved by Asia Pacific NIC
   Domain Name: CCNIC.NET
   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Asia Pacific Network Information Center  (APNIC)  hostmaster&#167;APNIC.NET
Fax- +81-3-5500-0481

cc.     172800  NS      NS2.GLOBALDNS.COM.
cc.     172800  NS      NS1.GLOBALDNS.COM.

   1916 Pike Pl #12-357
   Seattle, WA 98101
   Domain Name: GLOBALDNS.COM
   Administrative Contact, Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Cartmell, Brian  (BC936)  brc&#167;SPEAKEASY.ORG
   Billing Contact:
      Cartmell, Brian  (BC936)  brc&#167;SPEAKEASY.ORG

Speakeasy Cafe (SPEAKEASY2-DOM)
   2304 2nd Ave
   Seattle, WA 98121
   Domain Name: SPEAKEASY.ORG
   Administrative Contact:
      Apgar, Mike  (MA203)  mike&#167;speakeasy.org
      206 728-9770
   Technical Contact, Zone Contact:
      Brick, Douglas  (DB659)  dbrick&#167;SPEAKEASY.ORG
   Billing Contact:
      Apgar, Mike  (MA203)  mike&#167;speakeasy.org
      206 728-9770


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