Re:[DNS] DNS system funding

Re:[DNS] DNS system funding

From: <me§>
Date: Sat, 27 Jun 1998 18:41:59 +1000
At 1:25 AM 1998/06/27, Mark Hughes wrote:
>Damned if I'm gonna say 'entity that manages the .au DNS' every time.  For
>the moment I'll use 'ADNA Vn 2' as the to-be-created new administrator of
>.au DNS in the rest of the post, although I don't care what it ends up
>calling itself.  Those with a better sounding name, feel free to

It was only partly tongue in cheek I used the term "Keeper-of-au" as I
wanted to get away from existing names while not suggesting some pompous
alternative. I'd happily call it KOF until something with more gravitas
evolves when we know more about how we want it to work.


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