[DNS] Policy

[DNS] Policy

From: Michael Malone <mmalone§creole.iinet.net.au>
Date: Wed, 24 Jun 1998 09:20:09 +0800
Certainly from Vic's post and responses, I think that the
actual naming policy of the AU namespace is "contentious".
Rather than hash it out on the list, I'd suggest that we
simply identify positions, and defer discussion to the NOIE
forum, when other "stakeholders" will also be represented.
If we could get that far on most issues, then the remaining
steps are at least in a common direction.

At the moment, all the domains in Australia are "policy
based".  We ultimately need to know:

1) Should AU 2LD's have a policy that links "legal rights"
   to the name to the requested domain name.

2) If yes, should policy be interpreted and applied by the
   registrar(s) or by the applicant.

3) If yes, who should set the policy, and what is the process
   for ensuring continuing evolution of policy to meet the
   requirements of all parties with an interest.

4) If policy is to be applied by the applicant, how do
   disputes between applicants and registrars get resolved.

5) Each of these questions needs to be answered for each 2LD
   in .AU.  A single answer will not suit every 2LD.

I don't think we should aim for answers to these questions
yet.  First, we need to identify what the questions are.
So in terms of policy, is there anything else we should be

If it was considered useful, we could take Simon's suggestion
and set up a web site which allowed people to answer each
of these questions, identifying their "interest" and email
address for uniqueness.  Personally, I think identifying the
"stakeholders" and asking them directly at the NOIE forum
would be more useful.

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