[DNS] 0.2c from a lurker

[DNS] 0.2c from a lurker

From: Robert Dal Santo <robert§psy.uq.edu.au>
Date: Tue, 23 Jun 1998 22:23:36 +1000
	Hi, I've been lurking on the "old" DNS list and its good to see this
new one sticking more to issues rather than..well I won't say what I'd like
to say about the "old" list :)

	But, after all the noise and more noise I wonder if it would be a
good time on this fresh new list to re-state what NEEDS to be done and
decide on some sort or priority order. I get the feeling that there are many
problems and that its easy to get bogged down trying to make version 1.0
of ADNA (or whatever) perfect from day one.

	What needs a solution RIGHT NOW...
	What needs a solution real soon...
	and what can be talked about in depth for a long time...

	from my lurking I'll try to answer my own questions...

	Right now something needs to be done about the .com.au situation. I
fear that commercial interests will take this matter out of the hands of the
people on this list and have lawyers decide (bad bad bad bad bad). I think the
most common complaints are lack of competition in providers for .com.au and
consistency in policy of acceptable names and owership of said names.

	Real soon..well I don't know..the net is moving fast and continuing
to pick up speed. 

	I am concerned about the IPv8 thing, and the AURSC movement.
Anything which makes the net more complex and difficult to use is not
good. Fragmentation was a word someone else used. As a user and
administrator I have been happy with the DNS as it currently stands. I
rarely see problems with reaching nodes or resolving names. Things like
.blah.aus, .au.com, disney.au all don't make sense to me. I like to be
able to guess at a company name and take a plunge at company.com.au. If 
I have to start trying company.com.au, company.au.com, company.com.aus,
company.au, company.aus. I already find it a little irritating that
companies and organizations I want to connect to may be in .com, .net,
.com.au, or .org.

	Lets keep it simple and hierachical like it currently mostly is.

	So, would people like to agree on the questions/problems and
priorities? Then everyone can work towards a solution or solutions. I'm sure
some journalist on the list will notify the general populat of any consensus
thats reached in here :)

(speaking for me, a user and lurker on too many lists)
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