Re: DNS: What are the commercial SLDs?

Re: DNS: What are the commercial SLDs?

From: Adam Todd <at§>
Date: Fri, 03 Apr 1998 17:41:16 +1000
>a commercial SLD.  They say that Registrar application fees ($5,000)
>apply to those without a current ADNA Registrar licence (ie everyone),
>and to commercial SLDs.  The commercial SLDs must also pay License Fees
>of $1 per domain name.

I'm very concerned about this "NON PROFIT" organisation called ADNA
charging a fix fee for each domain name.

I would have assumed it would have been done on percentage of the revenue
raised by a Registrar in respect to their contribution to the costs of
running ADNA.

This would require ADNA to work out IT"S budgets in advance with proper
costs associated to emergencies.

Much like the TIO actually.

That's another good example of a NOT FOR PROFIT organisaiotn with variable
running costs and full cover for consts.

Is this yet another scheme for ADNA to make money that it will be
"required" to disburse to it's "members" ??

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